Sculpting and Shading



When sculpting and adding shadow to the face your attempting to add depth and dimension you do not necessarily have to use a full highlighting and contouring technique. You want to use a warm bronzer or powder (matte) about 2-3 shades darker than the skin tone and apply and the outer corners of the face on the temples and hallows of the cheeks. This will give the appearance of warmth and depth to the look, while still achieving a soft finish.


How To Apply Bronzer

how to bronzer


When creating a glowy, dewy look there are numerous products and varying techniques to achieve your desired look.

Crème Highlighter, Liquid Illuminators, Powder Highlighters


 Note:  Always be careful applying liquid or creme highlighters over a powdered face, equally avoid applying powder over these products. These products are meant to create texture and glow on the skin.


 Powder Highlight:  This product is best for longevity. When you want to create glow and highlight but you also want the look to last and not become overly shimmery as its worn.


 Liquid Highlight:  These products are best when applying to bare skin or with very little make-up as on top of to much product liquid highlight can begin to create slip. They tend to give the most natural radiant highlight.


 Creme Highlight:  These products tend to have the strongest look upon application (i.e. they catch the light with intensity). These can be worn both with minimal make-up or a full face. A good product for fashion shows, nights out, etc.


 Application:  Apply these highlighting products tot he cheek bones, bridge of the nose and cupids bow.

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