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The Complete MUA Course
This course covers all aspects of Make-up Artist knowledge including colour theory, face shapes, understanding blending, camouflaging and make-up hygiene.
Module 1 Brushes and their uses
This section will cover the tools, materials and products you will need to achieve professional level make-up application for either yourself or when working with models and clients.
Unit 1 Make-up Brushes & Their Uses - MCC
Module 2 Professional Make-up Kit
Putting Together Your Professional Make-up Kit
Unit 1 Professional Make-up Kit Essentials - MCC
Module 3 Facial Shape and Structure
What does the face structure and shape mean to you as a make-up artist?
Unit 1 Facial Shape & Structure - MCC
Module 4 Colour Theory
With colours you can set a mood, attract attention, or make a statement. There is psychology behind colours—they tell stories. By selecting the right colour scheme, you can create an ambiance of elegance, warmth or tranquillity, or you can convey an image of playful youthfulness
Unit 1 Colour Theory - MCC
Module 5 Skin Care
Understanding skin types and skin care basics.
Unit 1 Skin Care - MCC
Module 6 Prep & Prime
A flawless face is the basis of every great make-up look, and while a great skincare regimen, foundation and concealer work wonders, make-up artists have another trick up their sleeves for stunning skin: primer.
Unit 1 Prep & Prime - MCC
Module 7 Highlighting & Contouring
What is Highlighting & Contouring and how to achieve this look.
Unit 1 Highlighting & Contouring - MCC
Module 8 Professional Foundation & Concealer Application
How to apply foundation and concealer at a professional level.
Unit 1 Professional Application of Foundation, Concealer & Powders - MCC
Module 9 The Perfect Brow
The Perfect Eyebrow can be a number of shapes and colours but there are very specific no no’s when it comes to eyebrows. You have to follow the sacred eyebrow rules when it comes to shaping for someone’s face. Once you understand the basics you have free rein to create something beautiful.
Unit 1 The Perfect Brow - MCC
Module 10 Smokey Eyes & Eyeliner
Smokey eyes are on of the most popular make-up looks and always seems to be on trend. But this look can be hard to master without proper instruction. All you need to do is follow the steps and blend, blend, blend to achieve the shadowing effect needed.
Unit 1 Smokey Eyes & Eyeliner - MCC
Module 11 The No Make-up, Make-up Look
How to apply subtle, natural looking make-up at a professional level.
Unit 1 The No Make-up, Make-up Look - MCC
Module 12 Professional Make-up Artist Kit Hygiene
As a make-up artist hygiene is essential knowledge learn what you need to know about make-up hygiene.
Unit 1 Professional Make-up Artist Kit Hygiene - MCC
Module 13 Sculpting and Shading
How to sculpt, shade and add depth to your skin.
Unit 1 Sculpting & Shading - MCC
Module 14 Camouflage and Correction Make-up
How to camouflage and correct discoloured and blemished skin like a professional.
Unit 1 Camouflage and Correction Make-up - MCC
Module 15 Blusher
Choosing the correct colours and applying blusher to different skin types.
Unit 1 Blusher - MCC

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