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If you are anything like I was when I was getting started as a make-up artist you may be confused with where and how to get started.

Have you seen amazingly talented make-up artists that seem to lead fabulous lifestyles but you have no idea how to get there?

Sometimes it can be the hardest part just trying to figure out where to begin with it all.

Well, you’ve come to the right place… 

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Making it here was half the battle!

The Artists Club has all of the training and resources you need to begin pursuing your career as a make-up artist.

The Artists Club is an online training resource…  

Giving make-up addicts and amateurs access to Masterclasses, Resources, Business Toolkits and Networking forums with other like-minded members. With new specialist content being added every month.

You can work through our online Masterclasses in your own time and from any of your devices.

Learn new skills and techniques to drive your make-up artistry skills and confidence through the roof. You will also have access to the Resources area, where you will find an online library of make-up & beauty books, videos, interviews with professionals and every month a new Backstage Pass video is uploaded. Where you get to join me behind the scenes on photoshoots, meeting the model, photographer and crew and see how professionals work.

At The Artists Club we are so passionate about the skills and artistry that go into becoming a successful make-up artist.

That is why I created on online resource that you can access from anywhere at any time. Not only giving you extensive artistry training but also giving you all of the resources and materials necessary to be on your way to becoming a professional.

No longer will you have to aimlessly search the internet for answers to your questions. Or go through video after video on YouTube trying to learn specific techniques…

It’s all laid out for you in one place.

With your membership comes the confidence to move forward, to trust that you have all of the knowledge and skill you need to walk onto your first job and SMASH IT! 


an online platform

Giving you the skills, techniques and confidence necessary to

become a Make-up Expert 



A group of online masterclasses focusing on a specific make-up topic or technique. Each one with a video, printable materials such as workbooks and tool and equipment checklists and a self-assessed assignment.

Your first Masterclass is the Success Masterclass. Here you will evaluate your artistry and knowledge level, linking you to the best places on the site to begin. This will help you get started and move forward successfully.


The Resource area offers a variety of materials to help each member grow as an artist. Each members upon signing up gains accesses to our make-up & beauty library with a range of e-books. Interviews with other professional make-up artists as well as videos and other materials covering all aspect of make-up and the cosmetics industry.


The Business Toolkit area is an unmissable section of The Artists Club. Covering a huge range of professional topics such as your professional image, how to market yourself, building your social media and planning your freelance business to name a few.

Here you will also find business advice, marketing materials and guidance. It is not just enough to be a talented make-up artist, you need to have professional skills and make a successful living. To do so you need the Business Toolkit.


The members forum is a space for like-minded members to come together and offer supported advice and guidance to each other. The best way to learn and grow is to be surrounded by a mastermind group.


Every month a new Backstage Pass video is uploaded where you get to join me behind the scenes on photoshoots. You will get to meet the model, photographer and crew and see how professionals work.



From anywhere and in your own time.

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Become a member. Become a make-up artist.

Why put off following your path for one more minute? 

Signup up to The Artists Club for £19.99 per month


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