Camouflage and Correction Make-up


Make-up camouflage and correction is the application of make-up products to conceal colour or neutralize pigments of the face or body. Primary areas needing correction are as follows;









Cosmetic camouflage can greatly improve the quality of your clients life. These techniques are usually used for bridal or special occasion make-up.


Types of Make-up Camouflage and Correction



Untitled1-300x273Effectively covers any areas on the face or body that are in need of correction i.e. blemishes, tattoos, bruises, under eye circles, etc.

Colour Correction

concealer-tutorial-v2-L-300x246Usually done with concealers, these are usually cream products and come in a variety of tones to match the skin. Sometimes they are blended with colour correctors to achieve a good colour match.


Pigment Neutralization

5CamouflagePalette-300x271Colour correctors are used to disguise the yellowish shade of a bruise or the overall redness from a burn. Colour correctors come in tints, purple corrector blended with concealer neutralises yellow skin tones, while green corrector yields a fleshy tone to neutralise redness.







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