Choosing the correct colour of blusher can begin to be quite easy when you know what youre looking for.


Techniqueley you want to choose a colour of ones face when it naturally becomes flush.


Note: These tones are usually roses in fair skin, peaches and corals in olive and tan skin and apricots and reds in darker skin tones.


If you are not sure what someones natural blushing colour may be you can match their natural lip colour.


You should always consider what formula of blusher you need to use for varying skin types.


Powder is great for general use and with oil, normal and combination skin.


Cremes and liquids are best for dry skin. They also give a fresh, youthful appearance.


Stains are a great option fo a strong burst of colour. But remember stains can dry very quickly and give bold colour pigments so be sure to blend quickly and well.


Note: Creme blusher are fanastic for mature skin as it tends not to settle into fine lines on the face it can give a youthful appearance and glow.



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